Welcome to the New Mayor of Pasadena



Congratulations to Jeff Wagner as the New Mayor of Pasadena and the New Council. The N.P.B.A. looks foward to working with the Mayor and Staff to make the necessary improvements to the Northside. A new mayor, a new city hall, some new council, some new staff members and maybe a new attitude towards the citizens of Pasadena especially those who live on the Northside will generate some new interest in redevelopment.

Over the last 20 years progressive city codes and a new focus on the Beltway 8 and Fairmont pkwy killed the Northside, but in-spite of  it many never lost hope for the historic part of town, new businesses and some new housing had sprouted from the ruins. Many people fill with false hope by the city spending big bucks on Economic Development plans for the Northside with no real intentions to do anything because they are mandated to present a plan every 5 years to maintain federal funds. Hopefully this Mayor will have a team that can make something happen.

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